Prevention better than cure

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The North-East’s newest MSP recently used her first general question at the Scottish Parliament to ask about the Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme.

Brennan, who was sworn in last month after Richard Baker resigned, pressed the Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, on the timescale for Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme proposal following reports it is to be ‘called in’.

She asked: “Does the minister agree that prevention is much better than cure?

“Given reports that plans for the long­awaited flood prevention scheme for Stonehaven plans are to be called in by the Scottish Government, can the Deputy First Minister give me an undertaking that the process will avoid significant further delays, while taking full account of the concerns of local residents and traders about the proposed development?”

Mr. Swinney replied: “On the point of substance, I agree with Lesley Brennan that it is important that we have a range of flood alleviation measures in place. Some of that involves flood defences, but as the flood management strategies make clear, it also involves alleviation measures in the hill areas, before the water flows down to coastal areas such as Stonehaven.

“I am not familiar with the issues to do with the flood scheme in Stonehaven, but Lesley Brennan will know that all applications of that nature must go through effective public consultation and consideration.”

“I will explore the rationale for the situation in Stonehaven and write to the member to confirm the details.”