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Dr David Kennedy, of Stonehaven, has quite a few tales to tell; and it’s no surprise when you consider how long he was a teacher in a further education before becoming principal of RGIT in Aberdeen.

No stranger to publicity, David featured in Anthony Baxter’s award-winning 2011 documentary You’ve Been Trumped.

In protest to the university he did much to create handing Donald Trump an Honorary Degree, Kennedy handed his back.

With his many years of wide experience behind him, David’s book; “What’s in a Name?” provides astonishing anecdotes that are enlightening for anyone involved or interested in post-school education, whether as student, teacher, governor, or policymaker.

Speaking about his book, Dr. Kennedy, who was instrumental in the transformation of RGIT from a polytechnic-institution to a university said: “I made a stand in the best way I knew how.”

David’s book is available from on-line booksellers.