Probus talk on football club heritage trust

At their last meeting Stonehaven and District Probus Club members were entertained by the Chairman of Aberdeen FC Heritage Trust, Alan MaKimmie and secretary Chris Gavin.

The trust is an independent charity which was formed in 2008, working closely with Aberdeen Football Club to care for and expand upon historical records and memorabilia of the club and its supporters and also the community it serves.

Plans for the unveiling of a museum and learning centre at the new Loirston stadium are well advanced.

Other famous British football clubs have long established facilities to record and exhibit their illustrious history on the world football stage and Aberdeen FC, which was founded in 1903, is working with the trust to ensure their own.

They are busy raising funds for a small museum on the SW corner of the new stadium which will not only be open on match days but throughout the week, manned by volunteers.

It will display the clubs silverware, photographs, charts and other paraphernalia that tell the club’s story, plus hands on exhibits.

Also included will be other artefacts from sports played locally - cricket, rugby etc. and it is hoped there will be travelling loan exhibits from other museums.

It is expected to be popular with supporters and the general public as well as local schools.

Mr MaKimiie and Mr Gavin went on to entertain members with stories of former players and personalities as well as some of the club’s high - and low - points over the past 100 years.

The vote of thanks was given by Charlie McHardy.