Provost plants tree in Portlethen for Diamond Jubilee

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RESIDENTS braved the cold and wet weather last Friday to see an Oak tree being planted in the grounds of the Jubilee Hall in Portlethen to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee.

Provost of Aberdeenshire, Jill Webster, planted the Oak tree, which was donated by the woodland trust and has roots back to the trees from the Balmoral Estate, in the grounds of the Jubilee Hall.

She said: “I am hoping this tree planting will be a symbol of bringing together the past and the present.”
She spoke about how “impressed” she was by the Jubilee Hall and commended the volunteers who are working to keep the hall running on all of their hard work.

She said: “It’s a beautiful building and it is great that the committee and trust are working to refurbish it. I am mindful of the huge amount of work volunteers do to take care of buildings like this.

“I hope that this tree will build a symbol of growth in Portlethen and the surrounding are, as the tree grows so will the community.”

She then braved the weather to plant the young oak tree. She joked about the bad weather saying in her time as Provost she had to do a number of outdoor ceremonies and every time she has one scheduled the weather is bad.

The planting of a Jubilee tree comes as part of the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods project, which aimed to plant 6 million trees across the UK during the Jubilee year.

It is particularly relevant in the Jubilee Hall which was so named as a celebration of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887.

This year The Jubilee Hall Committee announced plans to restore the Jubilee Hall to its former glory.

The £80,000 plans will see repairs to a number of parts of the Hall including repairs to the roof, gutters and plumbing. The Hall is run by volunteers and they are currently hard at work raising funds for the project.

If you have professional trade experience and would like to help or would like to donate money please contact 01224 784 575.