Public questions Committee on Braes

MEMBERS of the public attending Tuesday’s Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee meeting used public question time as an opportunity to try and get some answers about some of the issues surrounding the re-opening of the Bervie Braes road.

One member of the public asked what the original brief was when work was planned for the Braes as a freedom of information request revealed that the plan was to re-open the road for vehicles however someone within Aberdeenshire Council had said that it was only ever planned to open it for cyclists and pedestrians.

Area Manager, Willie Munro explained that the Bervie Braes have a “long history” and that whilst the original plan was to carry out work on the upper and lower slopes, allowing the road to re-open, funding issues meant that this was not possible and therefore only the current work on the upper slopes was carried out.

However he assured the public that other options were being explored and explained that the Area Committee would look at the possibilities for further work when a report comes before the Committee in February.

Another member of the public then asked a question on the same subject. They asked the committee: “If you were halfway down the Bervie Braes and there was a land slip what would you feel safest in; on your feet, on a bike or in a car where the fire brigade can get you out?”

Area Manager Willie Munro said that until they see the full report Councillors did not have all of the information and therefore were unable to comment. However, they would get the report and the issues would be discussed.

Area Chairman, Councillor Carl Nelson supported this, He said: “We have to get this right,” and said they would wait until the full report was brought before committee. The report is due to be discussed in February when Councillors will be offered the chance to give their opinions on the Bervie Braes situation and possible solutions to the issue of the road.