Pupil Corran’s ‘Bushtucker’ trial’

Corran Duthie Gray is hoping to raise �6200 by July with several different events.
Corran Duthie Gray is hoping to raise �6200 by July with several different events.

A Mearns Academy sixth year pupil is hoping to raise funds for a trip to Africa - by tucking into a meal of tinned tarantula.

Corran Duthie Gray will travel to Senegal in August to spend a year teaching English as a volunteer.

Tinned tarantula anyone?

Tinned tarantula anyone?

However, she must first raise £6200 to cover costs. Corran has been busy fundraising since she was selected by Project Trust last September, but she has come up with an unusual way of raising the rest of her cash.

Corran has several fundraising events planned, her first being a sponsored ‘eat a spider’ - more specifically, a Zebra tarantula. Corran explained: “I haven’t heard of anyone raising money in this way before, usually sponsored events would be a run or cycle, or a head shave.

“My friend Finn was given this tinned tarantula as a joke present. It was ordered from a website that specialises in unusual food. It just came up in conversation that maybe I could get people to sponsor me to eat the spider.

“I’m very apprehensive about it, I’m kind of scared of spiders. I’m not a fussy eater, but I’m not very adventurous normally either.”

Despite her nerves, Corran is quite open-minded about the event, adding: “There is a whole movement towards sustainable eating. As the population grows we will end up having to start to eat insects.”

Corran intends to share the video of her eating the tarantula on Facebook.

You can follow her fundraising efforts and contribute via her Virgin money giving page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/corransyearwithprojecttrust