Puppy rushed to vets after eating ‘legal high’

Aramis a few months ago when he went to Robson Vets for his vaccinations.
Aramis a few months ago when he went to Robson Vets for his vaccinations.

A vet has warned dog owners to be “vigilant” when walking their pets after a puppy ate what is thought to be a legal high discarded on a beach.

Robson Vets in Laurencekirk say a 10-month-old beagle called Aramis was rushed in for treatment as an emergency case after ingesting a substance found on Kinnaber Beach.

A statement on Robson Vets Facebook page said: “Over the weekend we had to admit Aramis, a 10-month-old-beagle, to the hospital as an emergency.

“Aramis was out walking with his owners on Kinnaber Beach (between St Cyrus and Montrose) when he ate a substance thought to be a ‘legal high’.

“Within 30 minutes of ingesting it Aramis was off his legs and his eyes were rolling.

“Fortunately, our client’s fast action to receive medical attention meant we were able to treat Aramis effectively and he is now recovering at home but the experience was extremely traumatic both for Aramis and his owners who spent a sleepless night worrying he would never come home.

“Please be extra vigilant when walking your dogs particularly in this area as these drugs are extremely dangerous to both humans and animals as their ingredients often contain banned substances not intended for human or animal consumption.

“We have also been told that another dog owner came across needles while walking their dog on Bervie Beach, therefore please be cautious when your dogs are running free!”