Questions over spending of Caravan Park cash

Following the submission of a draft business plan to Aberdeenshire Council, members of Stonehaven Community Council have raised concerns over how the profit made by Stonehaven Town Partnership will be spent.

In the business plan, it lays out that 3% total turnover made by the Caravan Club, with a minimum of £6000, would be profit for the town partnership.

David Fleming, acting in his role in Stonehaven Town Partnership, told the community council that it would be decided by members of Stonehaven Town Partnership how the money would then be spent in Stonehaven.

However some Community Councillors seemed concerned about this and questions were raised over how the Town Partnership had been elected, with one Community Councillor describing it as “not democratic.” David Fleming denied these claims explaining that they were a democratic organisation and that more detail was laid out in the business plan which was to be circulated to the Community Council.

Questions were also raised over how much Aberdeenshire Council would charge Stonehaven Town Partnership for lease rental of the site.

Mr Fleming explained that in the business plan the amount was put at £1000.

This amount caused some confusion with one Community Councillor questioning what would happen if Aberdeeenshire Council asked for the £12000 which is the estimated commercial rate.

Mr Fleming explained that if the local authority asked for £12000 it would be a “show stopper.”

He did however emphasise that the business plan was still in its early stages and that the Caravan club were still on the table saying they have, “continued to show a very strong interest.”

The issue of the Caravan Park being common good land was also discussed. One Community Councillor explained that, because of the land’s status, even if everything goes through smoothly, in three years time a local Stonehaven resident could argue that it is not being used for the common good and everything would need to be stopped.

Stonehaven Town Partnership’s business plan for the caravan park will be considered at the Kincardine and Mearns Area committee meeting on October 24.