Rabbits in control at Fetteresso Cemetery?

Mrs Aileen Little writes to say: “I travel from Edinburgh to my erstwhile home of Stonehaven and tidy my parents’ headstone in Fetteresso cemetery.

“Last weekend I was shocked by damage by rabbits in the cemetery over the year. There has always been a rabbit problem, but what I saw was new.

“In many parts of the Kirkton half of the old graveyard extensive warrens have built up in the sandy soil. Around grave stones, multiple burrows have created embankments with anthill-sized mounds of displaced earth heaped nearby. Headstones are becoming destabilised. The grave I visit is not affected - yet.

“At the very least the local authority could stop up burrows. The grass is being cut so one wonders how it is this pressing problem is completely overlooked?”

Brian Strachan, roads manager for Kincardine and Mearns, said: “Many of the cemeteries that the council is responsible for are in a rural or semi-rural location and there is a limited amount that we can do to control wildlife. We do, however, ensure that pest controllers make regular visits to all of our cemeteries across Aberdeenshire and where appropriate they will take action.”