Regeneration of Park sites

Parents in Inverbervie have started a Committee to develop existing play parks and also the possibility of developing new play parks within the community.

Bervie mother Caroll Evans said: “With the recent population growth in Inverbervie and a proposal for more housing in the wings we felt it was the right time to look at what we have and what we need for the community with regards to play park facilities.

“The Committee was ‘born’ last year and currently has nine dedicated members with a view to recruiting more. The group now has it’s OSCR registered charity number which in itself felt like the groups first achievement and gave additional inspiration to an already dedicated bunch.

“One of the sites we have looked at is situated in Church Street, this site was looked at a few years ago and had some small pieces of play park equipment installed.

“Unfortunately this didn’t draw parents and kids into the park and the park itself remains a bit of an eyesore. Some vandalism to one of the pieces of equipment rendered it splashed with white paint on the equipment and rubber matting below.

“The Committee feel quite strongly about developing this park possibly into a play park for toddlers to children of around eight years old. We have a vision of knocking down a wall at one end of the park installing some parking spaces and a walkway with fence from the same end. There is a small access road at the other end of the park which we would like to have widened and properly laid to tarmac or other surface, again there would be a fence and finally between both end would be our play park c/w new equipment.

“We feel that if the park was developed to our vision, the public would police it themselves and the community as a whole would feel proud to have such a facility!

“At present not a lot of kids use it at all and it’s left to be used and abused by underage drinkers who don’t seem to care for their own community.

The group are pleased to be closely involved with Local Councillor George Carr who has given the group support right from the offset and also the community council.”