Residents hear of flooding event

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More than 60 members of the public gathered in Fettercairn Village Hall on Thursday night to discuss issues related to flooding locally and in surrounding communities.

The meeting was arranged following a request from the community to discuss flooding that hit various areas of Aberdeenshire in December last year.

In attendance were representatives of Aberdeenshire Council, Scottish Flood Forum and Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), as well as local councillors.

Head of Roads and Landscape Services Philip McKay gave an overview of the flooding that hit Fettercairn in December and addressed a series of questions gathered from the community.

The village was previously hit by flooding in 2009, after which a flood storage scheme was constructed to help alleviate flood risk.

Owing to constraints with the available land, the scheme provided just limited protection during the December storms.

Mr McKay explained there were 177 incidents caused by flooding and storms across Aberdeenshire on the night of the 23rd, with Stonehaven being particularly badly hit.

Resources were stretched as council operatives addressed the impact of the storms, and it was not immediately known that Fettercairn had suffered flooding issues.

Clear up work in the village started during the second week of January and work to repair superficial damage to the flood scheme began on February 21 following discussions with contractors and bouts of wintry weather.

Mr McKay said the council continues to gather information on the flooding incident, and the movement of the flood waters.