Residents invited to see housing plans taking shape

Residents of Portlethen are about to find out how their ideas have shaped plans for the next phase of housing development at Schoolhill.

Locals and councillors are being invited to view the progress of the community’s input into housing development plans being produced by the master planning team of Keppie Design, Stone Opera and Stewart Milne Homes.

Billed as ‘brainstorming, model-making, tea- drinking and biscuit dunking’ the third community event will take place at Porty Cabin on Cookston Road on Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24, from noon until 4pm for local residents, councillors and stakeholders.

Marianne McGowan, area director with Stewart Milne Homes, said: “This style of community consultation has been highly interactive and exciting and we are now looking forward to discussing the evolving plans again with the people of Portlethen.

‘‘ In addition to new homes, we have all been trying to create a heart at the centre of the community. The plans should match up to the needs of local residents because they have been involved in the master plan from the beginning.”

In December, residents and councillors from Portlethen were invited to a workshop, led by a team of designers to outline their vision for the next stage of development in Schoolhill.


Visitors were able to demonstrate how they wanted Schoolhill to be developed using bespoke wooden building blocks, interactive maps and specially designed picture tiles placed on scrabble boards.

The design tools allowed local people of all ages to prioritise their needs such as play areas, dog walking area, shops and other amenities. They were encouraged to place their ideas on a map of the proposed development site to show the suggestions in context.

More information on this innovative approach is available on

Stewart Milne Homes is developing plans for Schoolhill Phase two in response to a call from Aberdeenshire Council for new developments to tackle a chronic shortage of housing to support economic development and job creation in the regional economy.