Residents of Edzell woods prepare for Spring

As spring approaches many peoples thought turn to tidying up the garden after the ravages of winter.

The residents of Edzell Woods not only have their own garden to spruce up, jointly they are responsible for approximately 35 acres of open space consisting of flower beds, grassed areas, flower boxes, bushes and mature trees all of which require attention. Much of the trimming, thinning and tidying up is carried out by volunteers.

Maureen Styles, of Denstrath Road, was one of the first gardening volunteers out this spring. She has already started getting on top of one of the endless tasks tidying up the shrubs an bushes at the entrance to the estate during one of the better days earlier this month, and Maria Day has taken her rake to the stream which borders the perimeter of the estate making sure that all the weeds and debris and litter are removed to help keep the stream flowing and the water draining away. Further down the stream Jim Macdonald was ensuring that the water continued to flow by clearing blockages out with the estate which could cause problems if the rainwater could not drain away after all the rains.

Elsewhere on the estate the residents who adopt the flower boxes have been seen tidying them up so that the spring flowers have a chance to grow and cheer everyone up with a burst of colour due in a few weeks time wind and snow permitting.

One job that the volunteers could not tackle was the trimming of some of the larger trees on the estate. So the professionals were called in. Tree surgeon Donald Kelly of Kelly Aboriculture and his colleague have been busy making the mature trees safe. They had assistance from some of the local residents who helped clearing the wood, and got some free fuel for their wood burning stoves. Lisa McAuliffe, the owners Group Committee member who organised this task was pleased with the job done and everyone’s efforts clearing the branches.