Residents speak out at Cowie hearing

St James Episcopal Church on Arbuthnott Street in Stonehaven.
St James Episcopal Church on Arbuthnott Street in Stonehaven.

A public hearing in Stonehaven heard last week of residents’ concerns over a proposed new development at Mains of Cowie.

Stewart Milne Homes has lodged an application to build 400 homes, a supermarket and a petrol station at the Mains of Cowie, near Stonehaven.

The development would also include space for a primary school, community facilities and parkland.

However the application is not included in the Local Development Plan (LDP) and many have concerns over the scale of the proposed development.

Councillors will consider the plans at the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee later this month, but a site visit and public consultation last Wednesday evening representatives for the community to air their concerns.

Around 80 members of the public were in attendance, including Cowie resident Regina Erich. Speaking at the meeting, she said: “The presence of such a development right above our heads will have an immediate impact on the quality of life in the village of Cowie and it will never be the same again once this development is built.

“It would contradict the findings and conclusions of the Main Issues Report for housing and retail in Stonehaven and it would ignore relevant constraints relating to landscape, education provision and flooding.

“I therefore ask the Council to reject this bid.”

Speaking afterwards to the Leader, she said: “Above all it needs to be noted that the whole exercise was hypothetical.

“The Local Development Plan 2012 didn’t allocate the site for any kind of development, the Main Issues Report 2013 recommended against such allocation and consequently the new proposed Local Development Plan 2016 doesn’t include Mains of Cowie at all. This begs the question why the developer has put in the bid in the first place forcing the Council to go through a full assessment and decision process?”