Resignation of chairman

David Fleming, chairman of Stonehaven and District Community Council (SDCC) announced at this week’s meeting his intention to step down from his position of chair.

The announcement came hours after he was announced as a Liberal Democrat candidate for Councillor of the Stonehaven and lower Deeside area in the local government election later this month.

Mr Fleming, who has been chairman of SDCC for six years, will officially stand down at the beginning of the next SDCC meeting.

When announcing his resignation he said: “It seems inappropriate to carry on being chairman when I am doing campaigning work.”

He also explained that he felt that it would be “Inappropriate” for him to take part in the planning of the Community Council elections, which are due to take place this year.

Members of SDCC will elect a new chair at the beginning of the next meeting on February 14.

Mr Fleming said he will be at the May meeting of SDCC in “One capacity or another” regardless of the outcome of the election, as he still has two years on the Community Council.