Respects paid to Dr Heather Smith

On Thursday and Friday of last week, the Primary 7 pupils who will transfer to the Academy after the summer were in school for two days for their induction visit. They followed the timetable they will have after the summer and also experienced the canteen and cashless catering – one of the activities on Thursday was to learn how to put money on their card – which was all learned very quickly!

Pupils who were in S2 this session designed and made clocks as part of their technical course.

They have been invited to collect their clock to take it home.

Clocks which are uncollected by the end of session will be recycled – the clocks are ticking as the time runs out to the end of next week.

Brothers Sean and Mark Leith along with Kelsey Stewart have been selected to represent Scotland in badminton and athletics respectively at forthcoming UK schools sports competitions.

Congratulations on their selection have been passed on via the daily newssheet.

Congratulations have been passed on to the Academy girls who performed in a “Showcase the Street” event last Sunday evening.

Lots of talent was on show and a number of the performers also achieved their Saltire Award for Volunteering

Four pupils in S3 are in the Academy team taking part in an “Enterprise Maths” competition. They are Laura Thompson, Adam Diouri, Harry Anderson and Chloe Neill.

One of the activities involves producing a poster on a particular mathematical theme and the team met with Miss Irene Ritchie who teaches mathematics on Tuesday of last week to discuss the poster.

Congratulations and well done to the pupils involved in the Health and Wellbeing Young Leaders activity throughout the session.

They have successfully completed their project on alcohol and their input to Health Week was positively received by pupils and staff. Principal Teacher of Guidance, Miss Katie Arthur is the member of staff who supported the pupils in this initiative.

On Wednesday of last week pupils entering S3 had a presentation by Depute Rector Mr Kieran Kenny about work experience which is a possible option for them next session.

Pupils have to find a work experience placement which involves identifying an employer and securing their agreement to take them next May for a week of Work Experience.

Pupils who are interested have been invited to collect an application form and they have until December to return it to Mr Kenny.

The early start on this gives pupils and parents plenty of time to find a ‘self found’ placement.

Mr Kenny also met with pupils who will be in S4 next session. If they did not take up the opportunity to do work experience this session in S3, they can do so in S4.

Miss Amanda Barnett who teaches English in the Academy met with pupils in next session’s S6 who are interested in forming the pupil committee to organise the Academy entry to Rock Challenge 2014. With the success of this year’s entry, there is already considerable enthusiasm to do as well in next year’s competition.

Copies of the Scottish Rock Challenge final DVD were distributed to pupils involved in the award winning performance.

Pupils who wanted an additional copy of the DVD were able to have one at a £1 cost.

On Monday of this week most of the Support for Learning staff teachers and PSA’s attended the funeral of Dr Heather Smith, one of the SFL teachers who died suddenly on Sunday, June 20.

Our sympathy and condolences go to her husband and family.

Rev Maggie Jackson, one of the Academy chaplaincy team, came into school on Monday morning to provide support for pupils affected by the loss of their teacher.

A quiet place for reflection was arranged for the pupils.

The Academy summer concert and art exhibition takes place on Monday evening of next week and it is almost sold out at the time of writing this column.

Contact the Academy if you still with tickets for this event.