Road must be re-opened

Stonehaven’s tourism industry urgently needs the Bervie Braes road to reopen to vehicles. That’s the message from local MSP Nigel Don who believes guest houses, hotels and restaurants are losing cash because the road is closed to cars.

He said: “We know from the MKA Economics consultancy report that 53,000 visitors from outside the area come to Dunnottar every year. We need them to take the Bervie Braes road into Stonehaven and spend time and money in our town.

“Instead, they have to go back to the main road, never see our shop windows and take their business elsewhere. It’s hard to work out just how much business the town is losing, but it could run to millions of pounds.”

Mr Don has written to Colin Mackenzie, chief executive of Aberdeenshire Council, asking for a rethink.

The MSP says the road should reopen to light vehicles going one way only, allowing visitors to enjoy the unique view which shows Stonehaven at its best.

He added: “The risks associated with re-opening the road all relate to landslips. Given that the Braes have been severely tested over the last couple of months of exceptionally wet weather, I’m not convinced there is any rational case for keeping the road permanently closed.”