Road safety reminder

Grampian Police are reminding motorists of the need to drive with care as winter makes itself felt across the north east. The force continues to investigate a number of the serious collisions which have occurred in the past two weeks and for some of these collisions, the presence of wintry conditions is forming part of the Police enquiry.

Chief Inspector Ian Wallace, Head of Road Policing said: “Sadly we have seen an increased number of serious and fatal road traffic collisions occurring locally over the past two weeks.

“After the recent drop in temperatures, snow and ice have been affecting our roads and there has been a noticeable increase in the number of road traffic collisions reported to the police. For some of these collisions, the presence of poorer driving conditions is being included as part of our enquiries as we try to determine all the circumstances involved.”

The weekend period (Friday November 30 to Monday December 3) saw 77 separate road traffic collisions reported to the Force, at least double what would normally be reported over this period, many of which resulted because of poorer driving conditions.

Chief Inspector Wallace added: “Driving during the winter months requires a different approach to be employed, namely using dipped headlights, reducing your speed, increasing your stopping distance, using smooth steering and avoiding harsh acceleration and braking. Some simple changes to the way you drive can make a big difference and reduce the chances of you being involved in a collision.”