Round the Churches

Around the churches in Kincardine and Mearns

Dunnottar Church linked with South Church

On the third Sunday of Easter the congregation arrived at a sanctuary decorated with flowers bearing witness to the beauty of God’s creation, the joy of springtime and the devotion of a group of members whose skill and talents had produced such splendid works of art.

The floral display provided joy to the worshippers and now continues to provide happiness to those who have received the posies as gifts from the community of faith to brighten their days; a witness to the blessings of God in the lives of those giving and receiving.

In the Call To Worship Reverend Rosslyn Duncan proclaimed the Easter Message of Joy and Resurrection as her congregation responded ‘All shall be well’, before singing Thomas Kelly’s Easter hymn ‘The head that once was crowned with thorns is crowned with glory now’.

The scripture readings spoke of Jesus words to his disciples ‘You are my witnesses’(Luke24.48) which were indeed fulfilled at the Beautiful Gate when Peter and John witness to Christ in their explanation of the Healing Miracle as having taken place within the power of their Risen Saviour.

In her message to the congregation Rosslyn focused on ‘being witnesses’. She told the children to close their eyes while she asked questions about what they could see in Church, reflecting on how reliable our witness would be. In her sermon she encouraged her congregation to be honest in their witness to our Lord; there are many questions we can not answer but we all have known God’s peace and love in our lives and it is this peace and love to which we must bear witness as we seek to ‘serve our risen Saviour’ who ‘lives within our hearts.

Worship next Sunday April 26 at 10.30am at Dunnottar Reverend Rosslyn Duncan.

Thursday April 23 - Fellowship Coffee at St Bridget’s 10-11.30am; Craft Group at South Conservatory 2-4pm;

Friday May 1 - Lunch Club St Bridget’s, £5 per person. All Welcome.

News from St James’

The 10.30am Eucharist was conducted on Sunday by Rev Jane Nelson.

Lay Reader, Arma, preached on the gospel – Luke 24, verses 41-43. Jesus appeared to the disciples in a locked room, and then asked for something to eat – and they gave him some broiled fish which he ate in their presence. We know that many of the disciples were fishermen, so it was natural if someone asks for food, they would give them fish, as they would in their own family. Yet this account is very puzzling: first Jesus appeared in a room where the doors were locked, and now he was standing among them. And a while later we hear that Jesus ascended into heaven.

What sort of body did Jesus have? It seemed he was equally at home in heaven and on earth. Perhaps that was the point. Jesus wanted to show his disciples he was not a ghost – that he was more alive now than he had ever been – yet he was not restricted by the trammels of earthly life as we are now.

Why did Jesus want his disciples to know this? Maybe because he wants us to understand what life after death will be like for us. That we too will be given a new body – not quite in the same way as Jesus’ resurrection body but all the same a wonderful spiritual experience.

The symbol Jesus used in this story is that of a family meal, just as in many occasions he uses the theme of breaking bread together – what a pity that so many families no longer experience the family meal where people just sit round the table and talk.

This is why it is important that we at least come together and join in the Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, Mass – or whatever we call it. It may now seem not much of a meal, but it is a reminder of the Lord’s Supper which Jesus ate in the Upper Room, when he said ‘Do this in remembrance of me’.

Our services have both dimensions – to be a down-to-earth family meal and, at the same time, to be a foretaste of heaven.

The Church is knit together as a family when we eat and drink together – even if it is symbolic.

We share the Peace, and express our love for each other. We join in various activities together, and are not afraid to speak about our disagreements because we care and are determined to overcome them, just like in the best of families.