Round the Churches

Baptist Buzz

Last Sunday we continued our studies in Exodus. Despite the people’s disobedience God showed them mercy in encouraging them to move ahead to the promised land. Likewise, God’s mercy comforts us when we draw near to Him.

Sunday was the start of another busy week for us - the ladies’ craft group met on Monday, and there was the “3 2 1” evening on Tuesday. The Babies and Toddlers Coffee Morning was on Wednesday and we had a Mission workshop on Thursday. As always, the Zone was on Friday evening. You are very welcome to join us. Please check out our website or face book page, or contact the office, for further details.

Dunnottar linked with South

Last Sunday was Pentecost Sunday and all the elements of the service at Dunnottar Church were linked to the theme of Pentecost, which marks the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. In a series of three short reflections, Rev Rosslyn Duncan spoke about waiting for the Spirit, the coming of the Spirit and sharing in the Spirit. People don’t like waiting for others to turn up if they have arranged a time to meet and the other person is late. For the disciples they had been told to wait for something God had promised to send but they didn’t know when it would come. When the Spirit did come, it was at a festival in Jerusalem with people from countries all round the eastern Mediterranean. Although they all spoke different languages, they could all understand what was being said as they heard it in their own language. The Holy Spirit helps us understand when we read the Bible. When she spoke about sharing in the spirit, Rev Duncan involved the children in telling her how you bake a cake. She said that we are like the basic ingredients but just as we need power to bake a cake once all the ingredients have been mixed, we need the power of the Holy Spirit to help us recognise our talents and use them for God’s work.

The 10.30am service on Sunday 31st May will be once again in St Bridget’s as May is one of the months of the year which has five Sundays and the 31st is the Fifth Sunday. This will be, like the one in March, an all age service. All are welcome to come along and join us for this service need the power of the Holy Spirit to help us.

This Saturday, 30th May, the Kilwhang Ringers, whom you may have seen on TV not so long ago when Elaine C Smith was touring Scottish seaside towns and had a go at bell ringing with the Ringers at their weekly Monday morning practice in Dunnottar Church, are holding a fundraising coffee morning in St Bridget’s from 10am-12noon. As well as the coffee and bakes, there will be various stalls—AND OF COURSE a performance or two by the Bell ringers during the morning. Tickets are available at the door on Saturday, price £2.50. All are welcome to come along to this event.

News from St James

Pentecost – or Whit Sunday as it is popularly known – is always a joyful celebration, and this Sunday was no different. Our 10.30am service was led by Rev Jane Nelson, who also preached on the reading from Acts which described how the disciples were waiting for the arrival of the Holy Spirit, which would clothe them with power from above. The reading emphasises that everyone will receive the gifts of the spirits – sons and daughters, young men and maidens, old men, too. Even slaves – both men and women. And how in the end, all who call on the name of Jesus will be saved.

The hymns for Pentecost are always joyful and full of images of hope for the future, and our retiring hymn (Walk, walk in the light) was a focus for our Sunday Club children to join in the procession, waving brightly coloured streamers – members of the congregation, too, had their opportunity to wave streamers, standing for the ‘divided tongues, as pillars of fire’ that came upon the apostles on that first Pentecost, known as the Birthday of the Church.

A very important reminder was communicated to the congregation: one of our Lay Readers, Arma Iles, will be retiring after next Sunday’s service (31st May – Trinity Sunday). We hope as many people as possible will come to her ‘final’ service and stay for the presentation and lunch afterwards.

Arma has been a faithful and loving Lay Reader at St James for many years – but she will still retain some of her activities – visiting the sick, taking communion to the bed-bound and the house-bound – as well as her coffee mornings with her ‘old’ prayer group members.

Our other Lay Reader, Anne, will ensure that all our liturgical and other activities continue unabated, with the help of the Bishop of Brechin, Rt Rev Nigel Paton; Rev Jane Nelson of Newtonhill, and Dr Peter Smart, Diocesan Warden of Readers, our interim liturgical advisor.

One final reminder: our next Book Browse will take place in the Hall on Saturday, 30th May – 10am-4pm – no entry fee, free refreshments.