Round the Churches

Stonehaven South linked with Dunnottar

We had a very prompt start to the service this morning. Kids’ Praise were in charge! The whole service ran like clockwork ensuring we all enjoyed the challenge of new hymns. Do you remember that feeling which children experience when you were young and undergo something new? The readings came from Psalm 150 and Revelations 4 v11. Then the children really brought the service to life with enthusiastic actions for the congregational praise and the rendering of the Lord’s Prayer in song by Brodie and Lachlan McAlpine was beautiful. Our eco-congregation was also enhanced by the singing of ‘The World is a beautiful place’ by Brodie, as we were encouraged to ensure that butterflies along with the other wonders in nature would still be here next year. All the children received books and gifts for the end of the session and we all enjoyed the gift of sweets handed out by the children to the congregation at the end of the service. All in all, it was a great treat!

Rosslyn will be taking a well-deserved break over the next two weeks, while pastoral cover over this period will be provided by Rev Dr Fyfe Blair of Fetteresso on 762876.

Sunday June 14 has the service at Dunnottar at the usual time of 10.30am. Kids’ Praise meet this Sunday for the last time in the session when they hope to be heading for the beach.

Thursday June 11, Fellowship coffee will be at St Bridgets from 10-11.30am.

News from St James’

What a busy weekend for St James members – as well as all members of groups who had stalls set out at the Feein’ Market in the Town Square, and struggled against the wind to keep their awnings pinned down! Despite the wind, St James’ stall, featuring a variety of home-produced goods: edible, wearable and decorative – had a very successful day. We were also glad to welcome a visit from the Bishop of Brechin, Very Rev Nigel Payton.

While all that was going on, preparations were going ahead in St James’ church for the ‘Church Swap’, to enable the congregation of St Mary’s RC church to take advantage of the larger seating area for their Confirmation and First Communions (as well as two baptisms). First the children had a rehearsal, and later the ladies set out some really lovely flower arrangements.

On Sunday morning, our 9am Communion service took place as usual, and then all the needful (hymn books, service books, pew sheets, liturgical goods) were transported to St Mary’s RC church, while their congregation brought their necessaries to St James’ for their service. This is now the third occasion we have swapped churches – on other occasions we have also been able to facilitate weddings or funerals for larger groups. This is just one way we are able to share fellowship with churches with differing worshipping traditions.

The service at St Mary’s was conducted by Lay Reader, Anne, who also preached on the theme of ‘resisting temptation’. We know that the snake in the Garden of Eden stands for the devil – and Anne told the congregation of an account written as a school task by an American student who joined her Scripture class some years ago. It was very amusing – yet very true! The American lad reminded us that ‘in the beginning’ snakes had legs – because it was only later that God ‘chopped them off’ and made him crawl on his belly. In this account, the character of the serpent was replaced by that of a very convincing door-to-door salesman – and Eve fell for his sales patter. The story in Genesis is known as ‘The Fall’ – but today we called it ‘The Fall Guy’ – the person who takes the blame for what someone else has done. This story also provided us with a typical ‘cop-out’ when Adam, challenged by God for eating the forbidden fruit tried to lay the blame on Eve – and Eve in her turn blamed the salesman.

But more seriously, the point about our teaching today is that we don’t have to describe the devil or define him, but to renounce him. That is what we do when we are baptised and our sponsors make the promise on our behalf, taken on by ourselves in Confirmation ‘to renounce the devil’. Anne reminded us that we cannot afford to relax our vigilance for a moment, so that we may with pure heart and mind follow the one true God.

She finished with a quotation: God is better served in resisting temptation to evil than in many formal prayers. Prayer is but twice or thrice a day, but resisting temptation is every hour and moment of the day. So much more is our continual watch than our evening or morning devotion.

Baptist Buzz

This Sunday’s services were led by pastor Nathan Young. While summer might seem like a time to ease off and just let things ride, Nathan encouraged us by the example of a church to whom the apostle Paul wrote – in Thessaloniki, Greece. When this church was formed, as a result of many Jews and Gentiles coming to faith in Jesus Christ, it caused a strong reaction in the city, which meant that the apostle had to leave. Paul wrote to encourage these Christians to grow in faith and in their desire to make God’s glory known more and more, by the way they lived their lives. Paul prayed that they would bear fruit, even though he could not be with them.

There is plenty of opportunity for the members and friends of Stonehaven Baptist Church to grow and bear fruit this summer. There will be mission events in Stonehaven (week beginning 5th July) and Johnshaven (week beginning 28th June). But these are not the most important thing, for the fruit of the Spirit which will really bring glory to God, are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Nathan’s prayer for our church this summer, is that the together we would grow in faith and bear these fruit, to God’s glory.

Members and friends of the church will be participating in the Fisherman’s Mission Praise Night at the Salvation Army Citadel, Aberdeen on Tuesday 9th June at 7pm. All are welcome. Next Sunday a visiting speaker will be sharing his vision for church planting through the Garthdee Community church. This will be at 11 am at Carronhill School, Stonehaven.

For more details visit, email or call 01569 765097.