Round the clubs

Newtonhill WI

The October meeting was held in Skateraw Hall. President, Zena McLeod, welcomed members and introduced speaker, Ian Bell, who gave a very interesting, and informative, and often very amusing talk and video on The Great Tapestry of Scotland.

Mr Bell is a great historian and very knowledgeable on the history of Scotland.

Should anyone who has not seen the tapestry get the chance to do so it is well worth a visit but difficult to absorb everything in one viewing.

It was also good to have Hazel Robson and her daughter Angela as guests. Tea was served, there was a raffle and then business discussed.

Competitions resulted as follows - A Historical Scottish Photograph: 1 Morag Malcolm, 2 Marlene Morrice, 3 Morag Malcolm

The next meeting is on Thursday November 12 at 7.30pm in Skateraw Hall, Newtonhill when the topic will be Christmas flower arrangements. All very welcome.

Catterline WRI

President, Mrs K. Irvine welcomed members and visitors to the October meeting. She then introduced Steven Willis from the Scottish Wildlife Trust who gave an informative talk and slideshow on the preservation of red squirrels in Scotland.

Steven then judjed the monthly competitions - Jar of bramble jelly- 1 Mrs A. Meston, 2 Mrs M. Mair, 3 Mrs E. Meston 4 Mrs E. Walker; wildlife photograph- 1 Mrs E. Gibson, 2 Mrs E. Walker, 3 Mrs E. Garden, 4 Mrs K. Irvine.

Mrs W. Smith gave the vote of thanks. The next meeting will be a cookery demonstration by Liz Duguid to be held in Catterline school on November 19 at 7.30pm. All welcome

Stonehaven Rotary Club

The speaker at last week’s meeting was Rotarian Phil Daniels who spoke about the Mumbai High North accident in India in 2005.

The Mumbai High Field, an oil and natural gas processing complex was discovered in 1974 and is located in the Arabian Sea and had the capacity of 180,000 barrels per day. It was operated by the Indian state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp.

In July 2005, a multi-purpose support (MPS) vessel collided into the MHN and ruptured a riser carrying oil from the undersea wells to the MHN facility resulting in the break out of a major fire.

At that time, the MPS was engaged in a medical evacuation operation of a cook onboard the MSV who had cut off the tips of two fingers.

Monsoon conditions onshore had grounded helicopters, so the injured person was to be transferred from the MSV to the MHN by crane lift for medical treatment.

However, in heavy winds and a high tide, the MSV reportedly lost control and collided with a riser. It was reported that a ball of flame fell on the MHN and there was explosion on the platform.

The fire was so intense that the MHN was abandoned. Within two hours, the whole platform collapsed into the sea with a few foundation piers left. A helicopter positioned on it was also lost.

The MPS also caught fire and was towed away by another multi-purpose support vessel but later sank,

A total of 384 personnel were on the MHN complex, the two MPS vessels and an offshore oil rig Noble Charlie Yester at that time.

Among them, 11 people died and 11 others were reported missing.

At the time of this incident, there was no regulatory body or organisation for the governance of offshore safety in oil and gas in India.

Shortly after the incident, U.S. governing bodies worked with the Indian petroleum directorate to share common knowledge and develop comprehensive rules and regulations.

A vote of thanks was given by Rotarian Bill Allan.

Rotarians in Stonehaven Rotary Club are busy filling shoeboxes for the annual Rotary International shoebox appeal. They have all been encouraged to fill at least one box and it is hoped that a number of the pupils in the local schools will also participate.

If you would like to help meet the target of 300 boxes, contact Rotarian Alastair Morgan on 764039 to get your box. Boxes have to be filled by Wednesday, October 28.

Stonehaven Bridge Club

The results of the second session of the season;

North/South 1st Mrs P Kemp & Mr Yousef +2410pts 2nd Mrs P Watt & Mrs G Junnier +1180, 3rd Mrs M Clowes & Mrs A Gray +650,

East/West 1st Mr V Davies & Mrs S Powada +740pts 2nd Mr J Dickinson & Mr G Shanks +190 3rd Mrs A Murray & Mrs H Samson -1140

Stonehaven Town Partnership

The Land Train’s final weekend of normal operation this season will be October 24 and 25. Times and fares can be found on the Facebook page

The search is on for suitably qualified drivers and people with an interest in Stonehaven to become storytellers on the train from Easter 2016. There is also the opportunity for local businesses to advertise on the land train on the 2016 season, which will run from Easter to October. STP has already been contacted by a number local businesses but there are still some advertising spaces left. Contact if you are interested in becoming a driver, conductor/storyteller or would like to advertise your business on the land train next year.

Work is proceeding rapidly on the court building. Plans of existing building are now complete. The heating system has been surveyed and the conservation report and the business model drafted.

Agreement has been reached with the Scottish Court and Tribunal Service about process for potential agreement. A major community and business engagement event is planned for Friday, December 4 (4pm to 9pm) and Saturday, December 12 (10am to 3pm) and more information will follow on these events very soon.

STP’s AGM will take place on November 24. Member Groups are reminded that if any of their membership are interested in becoming trustees, they can go along to the AGM or get in touch with any current trustees.

If there are any groups in Stonehaven who are interested in becoming members there is information on the benefits and how to apply on the web site.

The next trustees meeting will be held at Invercarron Resource Centre at 7pm on October 27. These meetings are open to the public.