Round the Rurals

Laurencekirk WRI

Laurencekirk WRI held their Feb. meeting in the Masonic Hall when Mrs. Vera McBain welcomed the company, and after business, introduced Mr. Raymon Sutton, the speaker for the evening, who gave an interesting and amusing slide show and talk on the Closies and Lavies in Montrose.

Some of the closies lead to what used to be large mansion houses, others are short cuts to the Railway Station etc. and others lead to back gardens

which still house old style lavvies and wash houses (no longer in use of course, but many of them well maintained). and this brought back childhood memories to many of our members.

The competitons results: Treacle Scones: 1. Mary Young, 2. Sheila Wilson. Unusual Mug: 1. Betty Hampton, 2. Mary Allan. Flower of the Month: Fiona Milton.

The raffle was drawn, Mary Young was Tea Convener and Fiona Milton Proposed thanks, bringing a very pleasant evening to a close.

Muchalls WRI

Mrs Barclay welcomed all to our February meeting, and we started with the rural song.

Mrs Barclay introduced Noel Mark, a street pastor in Aberdeen. She gave a very interesting talk ont he work they do in Aberdeen especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Tea followed. Mrs Robertson gave vote of thanks to Noel, business followed.

Monthly competition - Two slices of gingerbread: 1. Mrs Rattray, 2. Mrs Marr, 3. Mrs Chalmers. The meeting finished with the national anthem.

Tewel WRI

After conducting the business, president Helen Doig, introduced Barney Crockett who gave a most interesting and amusing talk on ‘The History of Aberdeen Cinemas’, which was enjoyed by all.

Competition - ‘Best Advice ever given’: 1. Mary Tennant, 2. Mary Mutch, 3. Dorothy Forbes.

Flower of the month winner was Dorothy Forbes. The March meeting will be a talk by the First Responders.

Competition will be - ‘A Knitted toy animal’. New members are always welcome.

Marykirk WRI

President Mrs Olive Henry welcomed members to our February meeting. She introduced our speaker for the evening, Mr N Werninck of Montrose - on Montrose Air Station.

Mr Werninck showed slides of the station from 100 years ago to the present day. We were also shown slides of air stations around our area, which was very interesting and informative.

Montrsoe station was a training base for RAF pilots for our men, but also for men from other parts of the world. The Air Station has been a heritage station since 1992, and by the slides looks a very interesting place to go and visit.

Mrs M Stewart gave the vote of thanks.

Competitions - Mode of Transport Photo: 1. Mrs H Herald 2. Mrs K Masson. 2 x Truffles: 1. Mrs A Weir, 2. Mrs A Rushbridge. Flower of the Month: 1. Mrs K Masson, 2. Mrs O Henry