Round the Rurals


At our meeting on Monday, March 10, we welcomed David MacDonald who gave a very informative illustrated talk ‘A Daunder down the Dee’ covering a wide range of fauna including deer, badgers, otters, mink, pine martens, dolphins, salmon, capercaillie, heron, crossbills, a lingfisher, an adder, water voles, red squirrels, etc

Dave then touched on conservation work to preserve the balance of nature and talked about invasive flora including skunk cabbage, raunuculus, and Japanese Knotweed. The talk inspired us to look more closely next time we venture outdoors and provoked a number of questions from the audience. Competition Winners: Ramekin of Salmon Pate - 1.Isobel Goddard, 2.Betty Silver, 3.Jane Sanders. Knitted Ski Hat - 1.Yvonne Cole, 2.Beatrice Hay, 3.Eleanor Main. Next Meeting Monday April 14 at 7.15pm at Portlethen Academy Community Wing. New members are always welcome. Contact

St Cyrus

St Cyrus WRI welcomed Kevin Marron to their March meeting to give a talk on personal and home safety. Kevin works for the crime reduction unit, part of Grampian police force. He advised us that just changing our habits would be helpful and keeping doors locked even when in was a good idea. There was some hilarity following the revelation that some of the ladies did have window locks but left the keys by the window and also used timer switches on lights when out but put them in the hallway. As Kevin pointed out, as no-one sits in their hallway, this was probably not the best idea and that window keys should be stored safely. He also said that Grampian police have a Facebook and twitter account to check and he himself can be contacted for information.

Kevin covers the whole of Grampian and is happy to be contacted to give advice free of charge. Wilma, our president proposed thanks. Competition - Truffles: 1. Moyra Brown 2. Mary Neil 3. Helen Keith; Animal ornament: 1. Rhona Keith 2.Isobel Inglis 3. Moyra Brown. Flower of the month: 1. Kath Shireffs 2. Rhona Keith 3. Helen Keith. Our speaker for April 7 will be Isobel Smith on flower arranging and the competitions are fancy egg cup, chutney and flower of the month.