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Catterline WRI

President Mrs K Irvine welcomed members to the first meeting after the summer break. She then introduced Mr Alan Findlay who gave an interesting talk and slide show on Duthie Park. Mr Findlay talked about the history, the restoration, the Ranger service and the friends of Duthie Park. He explained the work that the many volunteers carried out and the events that are held at the Park.

Monthly competition - Four pieces of Swiss Milk Tablet: 1. Mrs K Irvine, 2. Mrs A Meston, 3. Mrs E Pearson and 4. Mrs E Crabb. After teas were served Mrs K Irvinie gave the vote of thanks.

Mearns Probus Club

There have been two meetings during August, both held in the Crown Inn, Laurencekirk.

The first meeting was in the form of a quiz compiled and organised by past Secretary Sandy Dunn. This had been a change from the usual speaker and was very popular with the club members.

The second meeting had the Rev Douglas Lamb talk about a visit he had made to Waterloo in Belgium.

Douglas and his son David, who is based in Brussels, visited the scene of the battle in 1815 which this year had a re-enactment of the battle.

Many photographs and images had been taken on the visit and these were shown on the screen for club members to see.

Soldiers in the uniform of the H.L.I. Gordon Highlanders, French Grenadiers and Prussian Army soldiers on horseback had come there for the pageant along with many others. Various memorials and plaques to show where certain incidents happened during the battle including one for Polish soldiers were also shown.

Douglas reminded his audience that although the battle had lasted only one day, the consequences of the result have shaped history since then. For the previous 800 years or more, France and Britain had many battles, but fortunately since Waterloo there have been no more.

Details of army numbers, death toll, injured officers and other ranks were given showing the devastation and lasting effects after the event.

Napoleon’s part was well explained, as was his exile and escape from Elba to his later exile to St. Helena.

Wellingtons’ command and organisation of the battle were also described and how victory had been achieved on the day. President Malcolm thanked Douglas.

Laurencekirk Rotary

Alan Smith, Laurencekirk Rotary President, presented a cheque for £4100 to Prostrate Scotland. On Father’s Day, Rotary Clubs across the UK and Ireland gathered en masse to get on their bikes and raise awareness and funds for prostrate cancer with over 250 clubs and an estimated 20,000 riders taking part. Some eighty cyclists, aged from six months to 75 years, answered the call from Laurencekirk Rotary and pedalled around the Howe to raise this staggering amount which was over one seventh of the total raised in Scotland.

In accepting the cheque, Adam Haines, the Director of Prostrate Scotland , congratulated the Club on its magnificent effort and outlined the work, achievements and vision of his Charity. It was particularly appropriate for Aberdeen and Grampian because there is a big effort in fundraising to finance Robotic Surgery in ARI which will bring a huge advance in the treatment of prostrate cancer. 1 in 2 men in Scotland will be affected by prostrate disease at some stage in their lives and 1 in 11 are likely to develop prostrate cancer.

Adam Haines advised that Prostrate Scotland’s main aim is to provide men and their families and partners with information about the prostrate and answer the questions – What it does? What can go wrong? What can be done about it?

Past President Mike Robson , who spearheaded the local cycling effort, thanked Mr Haines and wished him and Prostrate Scotland every success in a their very important work.

Stonehaven Rotary

The speaker at last week’s meeting was local photographer Andy Hall whose books of photographs are well known across Scotland and further afield. By way of introduction, Andy spoke about his book Scotland’s Still Light, which contains photographs taken by him inspired by the words of some of Scotland’s most highly respected writers. He said that he had not been trying to illustrate the texts but to give a sense of place through the combination of words and images. Sometimes it was a whole piece, sometimes a paragraph or verse, a few lines or occasionally a single line. Members were then able to appreciate more fully what he had been describing when he showed a presentation of his photos accompanied by appropriate music. Vote of thanks was by Jim Glennie who had invited Andy to speak to the club.

Last Sunday, Stonehaven Rotary Club was involved in the annual harbour festival with the always-popular “Kipper in a bun” stall and an opportunity to buy tickets for the annual Rotary District 1010 charity fundraising raffle to win a mini. The main beneficiary of the raffle proceeds is CLAN but clubs who participate by selling tickets also receive a share of the proceeds in relation to the number of tickets they sell, to donate to local good causes of their choice.

Rotarians were also involved in helping to steward the event and if you were there you may have noticed a number of club members wearing Viking helmets, as that was this year’s theme. The weather last Sunday was glorious which meant that the Harbour Festival was well supported by the crowds who came along and were generous with their support of the various causes.

Stonehaven Rotary Club has for many years had an exchange arrangement with a Rotary Club in Thirsk in Yorkshire. The Exchange works on a year about arrangement, usually in September, with Rotarians from Stonehaven going to Thirsk one year and Thirsk Rotarians coming to Stonehaven the other year.

The purpose of the visit is to enable members of the 2 clubs to get to know each other through the visits. Members are given hospitality by Rotarians in the club which is hosting the visit and a number of visits to places of interest as well as opportunities to socialize over meals is planned in to the trip, This year it is the turn of Thirsk to be the hosts and a number of members of Stonehaven Rotary Club have travelled to Yorkshire to spend this weekend with their Thirsk counterparts.