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Mearns Camera club

Open 2 Competition Result - Mearns Camera Club’s second Open Competition of the 2015-16 session was judged on Monday Night (2nd November) at their weekly meeting in Stonehaven Community Centre. Judge Peter Paterson, outlined how he marked the images and why he chose the ones he did as winners.

He emphasised he had marked to the overall standard of the club, not necessarily the SPF. He said that simplicity was often the key to a winning image. He emphasised there were a lot of good images to choose from. Top results on the night were :- Projected Digital Image (Intermediate) 1st ‘Gaudi Sagrada Lightplay’ by June Gold 19 points, 2nd ‘Red Legged Partridge’ by Graham Griese 18 points , 3rd ‘Riverbed’ by Margo Wilson’ ‘Steam 17 points.

Mono Print (Intermediate) 1st ‘Steam Locomotive’ by Graham Griese 15 points. Coloured Print (Intermediate) 1st ‘Water Under The Bridge’ by Ian Lawrence 17 points.

Projected Digital Image (Advanced) 1st ‘Last Light’ by Brian Doyle 20 points, 2nd ‘Close Up Of a Shag’ Alan Belton 19 points, 3rd ‘Puffin’ by Mark Woodfin 18 points. Mono Print (Advanced) 1st ‘Black Water at Dalmunzie’ by John McSevney 19 points, 2nd ‘The Eyes Have It’ by Neal Weston 18 points, 3rd ‘Low Tide At Morston’ by Mark Woodfin 17 points

Coloured Print (Advanced) 1st ‘In Through The Haar’ by Pat Copner 20 points, 2nd ‘Me and Granpaw’ by Alan Gawthorpe 19 points, 3rd ‘Glen Esk’ by Mike Reid 18 points. Alan Gawthorpe gave Peter a vote of thanks.


Week 7 - North/South 1st Keddie & Isobel Law 2nd Jimmy Middleton & Lesley Fotheringham. East/West 1st John & Jean Clark 2nd Alan & Mary Cunningham.

Laurencekirk WRI

President, Mary Allan, welcomed a full turn out of members to the Nov. meeting of Laurencekirk WRI and a special welcome to Hazel Robson and Lorna Bey of Kincardineshire Federation.

The speaker for the evening was Catterline Member Betty Meston who gave a lovely demonstration on flower making from, felted wool, felt, and Flamenco “frilly” yarn. The items Betty made were beautiful and could be made into brooches or used to brighten up a plain jumper. She then invited members to “have a go” and two of our members did make a brooch , one decorated by beads and the other using buttons.

The competition winners were as follows, 3 Tray Bakes, 1st. Mary Young, 2nd Sheila Wilson, Flowr of the Month, Mary Young.

Tea was served, the raffle drawn and Sheila Wilson and Mary Allan proposed thanks bringing the evening to a close.

Newtonhil WI

Newtonhill WI held their November meeting on Thursday 12th November in Skateraw Hall. President Mrs Zena McLeod welcomed the members and the speaker Mrs Thelma Wilson, who had brought along some of the beautiful Christmas Wreaths that she makes. She collects a lot of the material locally and makes the rings for the wreaths from ivy . She then decorates them with cones and holly berries etc. A lovely, homemade Christmas present to receive. She then showed us how to make a Christmas table decoration by covering a small jam jar with ribbon , filling it with oasis, putting a candle in the middle and using holly or a variety of greenery and flowers to make a delightful centre piece. The members then had great fun making one for themselves as Thelma had very generously brought along everything needed!! Altogether a most enjoyable demonstration.

Angie Finnie then gave the vote of thanks, tea was served and business was attended to.

Next meeting will be our Christmas Party on Thursday 10th December in Skateraw Hall. Another year has passed so quickly. Happy Christmas to all WRI members and every best wish for a healthy and peaceful 2016.

Stonehaven bridge

North/South 1st Mrs P Walton & Mr G Shanks +2600pts 2nd Mrs P Watt & Mrs G Junnier +1510 3rd Mr S Annand & Mrs P Kemp +370

East/West 1st Mrs A Gray & Mrs M Clowes +220pts 2nd Mrs S Powada & Mrs V Davies -420 3rd Mrs A Murray & Mrs H Samson -530

Tewel wri

Our annual whist drive was held in the Invercarron Resource Centre where President Mary Tennent welcomed the company and acted as card master. Winners were as followes:

White Card 1. A Masson, 2. Sally Martin, Cons Irene Petrie. Pink Card 1. Dorothy Grant, 2. Gina Silver, Cons Kath Bruce. Yellow Card 1. Margaret Edwards, 2. Duncan Petrie, Cons J.M Ross. Blue Card 1. Jim Edwards 2. J Jamieson, Cons Dorothy Singer.

After a cup of tea and the raffle drawn, Mary thanked everyone for coming and wished them a safe journey home.

Stonehaven Tolbooth

On 6th November 6 the Stonehaven Tolbooth Museum hosted a visit by a party of 19 French students from the Lycée Saint-Cricq in Pau, which is situated in SW France near the Pyrenees. The school is a lycée and thus caters for pupils in their last three years of school. The lycée specialises in Science and Technology and all of the visiting pupils have chosen to be in the European Section, meaning that they have one Physics lesson per week in English or German. They are all around 16 years or age.

Lycée teacher and group leader responsible for organising the French part of the exchange was William Metref, a physics teacher at the Lycée. During their visit to Aberdeen (31 Oct - 9 Nov) the pupils stayed with Robert Gordon’s College pupils and attended normal lessons at RGC to get a flavour of school life here. They also visited Edinburgh for a day.

Susan Chalmers, Robert Gordon’s Modern Languages teacher responsible for the Scottish arrangements said: “We hope that this visit will pave the way for a successful exchange of pupils from Gordon’s and the Lycée Saint Cricq in the future. In October this year, our school captain Morna Holmes enjoyed a week in Pau. She experienced school life in France, and felt that her French had improved significantly over the week”.

The one-hour visit was hosted by volunteers Claire Thomas, George Strang and Tom Macpherson, and the students and staff members were shown round the various sections of the museum. The students’ English was excellent (unlike the volunteers’ French) and they asked many questions.

Stonehaven Rotary Club

The speaker at last week’s meeting was Kevin Read, head of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics in the Drug Discovery Unit, University of Dundee. He is a pharmacologist by training with a PhD from Kings College, London and has been working in drug discovery and development for over 25 years.

18 years were with GlaxoSmithKline (UK and Italy) before he moved to Dundee University in 2008 to help set up and manage a fully integrated Drug discovery Unit (DDU) that is now up to 85 staff. All the staff are experienced ex-industry scientists. He has delivered 7 drugs to the clinic, including the recently publicised novel antimalarial drug treatment. The key focus of the unit is neglected health diseases such as TB, sleeping sickness and malaria and work is also being undertaken in relation to animal health.

Drug discovery is a lengthy and costly process- on average it takes 10-14 years from the start of the process to becoming a recognized medicine. Kevin went on to describe in more detail the development of drugs to treat malaria which is still a massive global health problem with 200 million people affected by it across the world.90% of deaths are in Africa but it also affects Asia and South 2013, there were 500,000 deaths and most of these were children under the age of five. T

here are four types of Malaria which is caused by a bite from a female parasite and one of the four types is the most deadly. To try to prevent people being infected with the disease, the World Health Organisation puts most focus on spraying with insecticides and the use of bed nets. In Africa, every pregnant woman is given an anti malaria pill and since 2000, the number of cases has been halved.

The biggest problem is that the parasites develop a resistance to the drugs, meaning that new drugs have to be developed. In 2009, the Geneva Medicines for malaria venture was set up with funding of £1.5million being invested in developing an effective drug. The most recent antimalarial drug which The new drug, which will treat but not eradicate malaria, will be going in to clinical trials early next year and it is hoped that these will confirm its effectiveness.

If this is the case, it will take another 5 years until it is in production for use. Large drug companies are now more involved in supporting ”not for profit” drug development as there is always a requirement for funding for research and development such as happens at the Unit in Dundee. The vote of thanks was by David Macdonald, who had invited Kevin to speak to the club.

On Friday 13th November, the annual Past Presidents dinner was held in the Station Hotel. The Immediate Past President of the Club is invited to attend, as he or she has become a Past President. This year, it was Peter O’Dowd who joined the other Past presidents at this most enjoyable social event.

On Wednesday evening of this week, the Club round of the Rotary Yong Musician took place in Mackie Academy with 15 young people participating and competing for the various titles of Junior Young Musician, Winning Instrumentalist, Winning Vocalist and Overall Young Musician. The winning Vocalist and the winning Instrumentalist go on to compete in the District competition in Perth in February 2016.