Royal Arch Traffic Measures - Your View

Fettercairn Arch
Fettercairn Arch

Last week we published an article regarding the Royal Arch Traffic measures in Fettercairn and you responded with your view of the situation.

Mearns Community Council (MCC) said they were concerned that the village was being hindered by the measures put in place.

MCC were seeking your views and you got in touch with us to make your feelings known. You commented on our Facebook, Twitter and website to say that the measures were not working.

Business’ owners got in touch and said they believed that there was a reduced footfall in business due to the measures.

Carolyne Murdoch said: “As the owner of Encore dress and Vintage Agency , the business closest to the Arch, I see on a daily basis the many problems caused by the new road layout. Tractors, lorries and cars regularly mount the pavement . Traffic congestion is also caused by the difficult and dangerous road layout for traffic coming from both south and east. Cars coming from the Edzell direction are forced into the middle of the road to position correctly to get through the Arch and cars from the east are then forced to a halt . Meanwhile the Give Way sign to traffic from the north means a back up of vehicles Main Street. Clients regularly express concern at attempting to get through The Arch unscathed and are actively skirting around the village leading to reduced footfall for all businesses in the village.”

A user called WD1980 commented on our website: “I feel the new layout is not only a problem for motorists but also pedestrians. Cars now come round from Edzell on a blind bend so when crossing from the Ramsay you are not seen. This is a place where school children cross for a bus I find this very dangerous. As for the arch itself I prefer not to use it in a car as I find awkward and difficult to manouver. So I now do not enter the village and prefer to head out of the village. I feel it has halved a community.”

Dan Stewart also added via our website: “The measures are crazy. Vehicles entering from Edzell are forced onto the wrong side of the road and from the other direction it is very difficult to see oncoming traffic from Edzell or coming through the arch from the village. If you come through the arch from the village with a car trailer and turn left, you are forced to drive on the pavement to get round the corner. I personally see the signage as the main problem. A good large sign clearly pointing out the alternative route would have been money better spent. Bollards would then be sufficient.

Shirley Castles a Mearns Community Councillor commented on Facebook: “Bad layout, dangerous when approaching from Edzell. You have to go onto the wrong side of the road, then it makes it very hard to drive through with out damaging your tyres and alloys. Might look good on paper, but not in practice. So NO not working.”

Chic Birnie added: “You are right Shirley but not helped by red car always at south side of junction.I take it this planner has now resigned or been sacked after wasting all our money.”

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