Save on your paper

Pay just 52p for the Mearns Leader and just 45p for the Kincardineshire Observer.

Like many newspapers we’ve had to increase our cover price. However we have a great subscription service which means regular readers pay just 52p per copy for the Leader and 45p for the Observer.

This offer is only available until 5pm Friday February 8 via the subscription hotline 0844 991 6464. Lines are now open, operating from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Or secure your discount today by logging on now at

Once you have contacted us either by phone or online we’ll ship you six months of newspaper vouchers. You pay for your vouchers by Direct Debit. There is no minimum contact and you can cancel at any time. You use your vouchers instead or cash at your newsagent or retailer.

You can use the vouchers if you are a home-delivery customer. Just hand over your subscription vouchers to pay for your home-delivered newspapers. You then just pay for the delivery of your papers, the actual newspapers have been paid for – at a discount.

We guarantee not to increase your subscription price for at least a year, even if the price of the paper goes up again in the shops. After a year if the subscription price does go up we would write to you before any increase takes affect and you would have plenty time to decide if you wished to continue.

Your newsagent does not lose out by switching to vouchers. Your newsagent or retailer receives the same terms, indeed they also receive a small handling charge for every one or your vouchers you give them.

If you go on holiday you can either return up to three weeks of vouchers per year and we will refund you in full. Or, give your vouchers to a friend or neighbour to use in your absence.

There is no catch; if you opt to read our paper on a regular basis we feel you deserve to pay less and that’s exactly what a subscription does.

Call or log on today. If logging make sure you use the code mnsop0004 for the Leader or kobop0004 in the box at the foot of the page marked “Exclusive Offer Code”

To save time please have your bank details to hand (account number and sort code) which is required to set up your Direct Debit.

Telephone: 0844 991 6464 (lines open 9am Monday, calls cost 5p per minute). Please quote the appropriate code.