Scam targeted elderly patient

The Stonehaven Medical Group website is warning people of the scam
The Stonehaven Medical Group website is warning people of the scam

An elderly patient was targeted by a phone scam this week, with the scammers trying to obtain medical


The patient was contacted by someone pretending to be the ‘Chief Medical Nurse’ at the Stonehaven Medical Centre and proceeded to try and sell drugs to the patient.

Stonehaven Patient Participation Group posted on Facebook on Thursday, alerting people of the scam.

The post said: “Just want to make patients aware of a scam. We have been notified by the practice that an elderly patient was contacted by telephone last night by the ‘Chief Medical Nurse at Stonehaven Medical Centre’ who was trying to sell drugs and obtain medical information.

“If you receive a call like this please be aware that it is not from Stonehaven Medical Centre and you should hang up. The Medical Centre would like to be made aware of any such calls.”

The practice told us this week: “The surgery can confirm that a patient contacted them last week to alert the practice to the telephone call that they had received from someone claiming to be a staff member at Stonehaven Medical Group.

“This call did not originate from any members of the surgery staff. We can reassure people that all contact details for patients are stored securely and would advise that any patient who receives a similar call should alert the authorities.”

Have you been called by someone claiming to be from Stonehaven Medical Group? Get in touch via email, tweet us @themearnsleader or on facebook at