SDCC appoint hydrology assessor

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Stonehaven & District Community Council campaign to make independent hydrology assessments mandatory has taken a step forward.

Glasgow Caledonian University will become the community council’s Independent Hydrology Assessor.

Currently, a developer needs to have a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) plan in place, but there is no compulsion to get an independent hydrology report.

Stonehaven & District Community Council (SDCC) has for some time been pursuing the idea of an Independent Hydrology Assessment (IHA) on developer’s flood impact, drainage schemes, assumptions, maintenance provisions and surface water run-off calculations.

In a letter signed by members of SDCC it states: “Neither the planning nor flood authority (usually the same body) carry-out such detailed checks; stating the onus is on the planning applicant.

“The community council challenges this and, in their view, a “duty of care” exists to ensure the rigour of such schemes and their calculations. If there are errors of omission or commission, however arising, the ultimate victims are the community.”

After speaking with a number of universities, SDCC has appointed Glasgow Caledonian University as its assessor for independent hydrology reports.

There will be no financial liability on the community council but it will provide time as part of the unversity research team under an inferface “innovation voucher.”

Three developers in Stonehaven have agreed in principal to have an independent hydrology report.

The letter states that they are: “The Mains of Ury, for a supermarket and petrol station. The second is a more complicated development on the Ury Estate involving a: golf course, retail outlet and affordable housing. The third development at Touks (Mill of Forest) involves retail and suburban housing.”