SDCC hit back at council letters

The Carron Fish Bar, and the banner, which Aberdeenshire Council have requested be removed.
The Carron Fish Bar, and the banner, which Aberdeenshire Council have requested be removed.

Stonehaven and District Community Council (SDCC) have distanced themselves from letters sent out to businesses last week.

Stonehaven was again on the world stage when a letter sent to the Carron Fish Bar requesting the venue take down the “birthplace of the deep fried mars bar” sign caused outrage.

The community initiative that was aiming to improve the general look of Stonehaven hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons last week.

A number of residents hit out at the council request with SDCC making clear this week they “do not support the content of the letters”.

Knud Christensen, Chair of the SDCC, said: “I have been interviewed on Mearns local radio, where I made it very clear, that although Stonehaven Community Council of course supports initiatives which will help improve the image of Stonehaven, Stonehaven Community Council was not consulted regarding the specific letter from Aberdeenshire Council addressed to a number of shops, and specifically asking some shops to remove advertising banners etc.

Knud added that he understood how people may have reacted to the letters and encouraged people to come along to the next SDCC meeting in August.

He said: “We in the Community Council had no prior knowledge of the content in the letters , as we were not consulted before the letters were issued, and we do not support the content of the letters, and specifically we do not support the request for some shops to remove advertising banners.”

“No wonder many local people and shop owners in Stonehaven have been upset by the letter from Aberdeenshire Council, and we encourage people to come along to our next Community Council meeting on August 11 at 7.15pm, so we together can discuss the best response to Aberdeenshire Council.”

Area Manager for Kincardine and Mearns, William Munro, said last week: “Together with a range of community organisations we have been looking at ways to improve the look of Stonehaven for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors.

“An action plan has been created in conjunction with the Stonehaven Town Partnership, Community Council, Stonehaven Business Association and the Horizon Group.

“As part of the action plan we have asked some owners in the area to consider making alterations to their properties but no property owner has been ordered to carry out any work and no action will be taken if the work is not carried out.

“We hope local businesses and property owners will consider supporting this community-led initiative to improve Stonehaven for all.”