Search for former pupils continues

A SEARCH for pupils who attended Inverbervie Junior Secondary School from 1957 to 1960 has so far reached half of the class.

Old school friends Ian Aitken, Robert Ritchie, James Hadden and James Carnie have been trying to track down their old classmates to invite them to a class reunion in the Crown Hotel at Inverbervie on November 12.

Tracking down their old friends has been made more difficult by the fact that no admissions register for Bervie School can be found prior to 1963.

Despite the setbacks, good progress has been made since the search began and the group have managed to track down many of their former classmates, however they are still trying to find half of their class.

Mr Aitken said: “We have had a few people getting in touch but mostly we have just been tracking people down through word of mouth and asking around.”

Anyone who is interested in coming along to the reunion can contact organisers James Carnie on (01674) 850353 or Ian Aitken on (01561) 362665.