Service head talks to Probus Club

Inverbervie & District Probus Club met in The Crown on Tuesday September 12.

A good turnout of members heard Programme Secretary John Mackenzie introduce our speaker Philip Mackay who had driven all the way from Banff to be with us.

As head of Roads & Landscape Services for Aberdeenshire Council, Philip tries to handle a staff of 550 with a budget of £49 million. He looks after 212 cemetries, roads, bridges, slippagaes and flooding.

The main part of Philip’s address was about flooding and land slippage, of which Stonehaven has had more than its fair share in recent years.

Home and land owners have a degree of responsibility for the situation if they undermine bits of hill in order to erect a shed or a greenhouse for example.

If a large slippage occurs they will not be blameless and may very well have great difficulty insuring their property again, even if the Insurance Company did cover them previously.

The houses at the bottom of the Bervie Braes have obviously been de-valued, which must be a bitter disappointment, to say the least, for the people who stay there.

After a great deal of questions and answers, Past President, Ian Duguid, proposed a vote of thanks for an excellent and extremely interesting presentation.