SFRS urges people to heed advice

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has urged people who have bought ‘hoverboards’ to heed Trading Standards’ advice after a huge number of the self-balancing scooters imported from abroad were assessed as unsafe and detained at the border.

National Trading Standards revealed more than 17,000 of the devices were examined at UK entry points in recent weeks and over 15,000 of these were seized. Concerns include significant safety issues with plugs, cabling, chargers and batteries as well as with cut-off switches meant to prevent the devices overheating.

Assistant Chief Officer Lewis Ramsay, the SFRS director of prevention and protection, said: “Electrical items containing flaws of this kind pose a serious fire risk so it’s important people are vigilant and heed the excellent advice from Trading Standards.”

The fuse is an essential safety feature that will ‘blow’ if an appliance develops a fault, cutting off the electricity. Without a fuse, or if the wrong fuse is fitted, the result could be a fire that devastates a home and threatens lives. Some hoverboards have been known to come supplied with plugs not designed for use in Britain and are at risk of overheating.