Shire Council set out 2050 strategy

Aberdeenshire Council are looking to the future and have set out a plan for the area which will until the year 2050.

Looking into their crystal balls, councillors have decided the priorities for the area include a healthy economy, a diverse society, safe streets and eco-friendliness.

Policy and resources committee members welcomed the plan at last Thursday’s (June 16) meeting.

The plan will now be subjected to wider consultation with area committees, community planning partners and community groups before going back to

committee for final approval in six months time.

Banchory and Mid-Deeside Councillor Karen Clark said: “This is by no means the finished document. It is now time for our communities to have their say and let us know what they think should be Aberdeenshire Council’s vision for the coming decades.”

She added:“We are not trying to predict the future, but make sure we are as prepared as possible to tackle any coming challenges and take advantage of opportunities for the benefit of Aberdeenshire’s residents.”

The document states that a way to achieving the goals include expansion of frontline services and growth in people becoming more adept with computers.