Shoppers help map out area

Rachel O'Neill and Koni Watson add pieces to the map on Saturday at Asda at Portlethen.
Rachel O'Neill and Koni Watson add pieces to the map on Saturday at Asda at Portlethen.

SHOPPERS at Asda at Portlethen got more than they bargained for on Saturday when they were invited to take part in the creation of a giant map on the floor at the side entrance to the store.

Visual artist, Rachel O’Neill was at ASDA encouraging people to place on the map things in the area which are important to them.

She was asking people as they did their Saturday shop to take time out and answer these questions: “What would you put on the map? What is important to you?”

Passers-by were then invited to add to the map using either brightly coloured masking tape, drawings on paper or post-it note love hearts.

Rachel explained that she was doing this in order to find where the heart of the Portlethen community is, she wants to find a connection to place whether it was in the form of a building, song or geographical spot.

As well as the map, the entrance to Asda had old pictures of the area and visitors were asked to take part in the tongue twisting Hand loom-weaver rhyme challenge, which left many of them tongue-tied.

The map is part of Rachel O’Neill’s project where she is looking to create an alternative map which accurately represents North Kincardine. When starting the project in April Rachel explained: “I want to find out about the area from as many people as possible in order to create a new map of the area which documents all of the things that people in North Kincardine believe to be important.

“This map will log geographical past and present; fact, fiction and memory; histories and events; landmarks – natural, man-made and personal. This process will be a way to document ‘what is important’ from all ages and from multiple points of interest. Once this map of the area has been created everyone will be able to see North Kincardine in a new way and it will be this information that will help determine what the public art works could be for the area and how it will successfully reflect North Kincardine in a way that truly celebrates this place.”

Rachel will collect together all of her findings from her time researching the area and will be presenting her final piece to the community at the Portlethen Gala in August. Through this project she is hoping to highlight how art can be integrated into the community.