Site visit to decide on homes

AN Application for the building of five homes in a Mearns Village split Councillors at the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee Meeting, writes Fiona Stokes.

The plans, for five houses to be built to the South of Downies at Portlethen had prompted a number of local rejections, including one from the areas Community Council. Councillors described the issue as “sensitive” and said they had to get it right.

Portlethen and District Community Council are against the scheme as they claim the houses will not fit in with the rest of the village, which has in it a number of fisherman cottages.

A resident of FIndon also attended the meeting to voice his concernsover the proposed access road for the homes, which would be directly across from the window of his front room.

Previous applications for the land were lodged in 2004 and in 2009. Both were refused by Councillors but the 2009 proposal was successfully appealed by the developers Fotheringham Property.

The plans were once again put in front of Councillors for consideration with officials recommending they be approved. The Councillors decided to carry out a site visit.

The plans appeared to split Councillors with Councillor Graeme Clark looking to reject the plans. He said that he believed the plans did not illustrate a thoughtful design. He said: “That could be anywhere, I don’t think that there is enough thought put into it. There is no sustainability.”

Councillors Clark’s motion to reject the plans did not receive support.

Councillor Carl Nelson was in favour of approval of the plans and received the support of a second Councillor which put the notion to a vote.

However, Councillors voted in favour of the amendment to carry out a site visit. The final vote was 6 in favour of the amendment of a site visit and 3 in favour of the notion of approval.