Skip-Hopping for success in Glasgow

A full time foster carer who recognised her foster son’s impressive skipping ability and started up classes for children in the area is thrilled after the team won 11 medals at a national competition.

Sonia Buchan from Portlethen started up skipping group Skip Hop earlier this year when her new foster son Joe showed off his ability at school. Joe came from a skipping group near his previous home in Portsoy and children in his PE class at Portlethen Primary School started watching him and decided they wanted to skip like he could.

As the nearest skipping clubs are in Portsoy and Motherwell, Sonia decided to start up a local club so that Joe’s talent wasn’t wasted and other children could have fun and learn the ropes.

The popularity of the classes took off and there’s now around 60 children attending each week, with almost 20 on the waiting list.

The team travelled down to Glasgow last month to take part in their very first competition, with 15 of the children entering. All of the other teams had been on the go for about five years and as Skip Hop had only been on the go for seven months, Sonia didn’t know what to expect but said: “The judges were shocked at us being such a small club and so new, but with such high standards. We came back with 11 medals which is great as we are all relatively new to it.

“It’s amazing how the club has went from strength to strength. It’s great to see the kids work as a team and they all feel really proud. They adore the feeling of being part of something and although the competition had individuals competing we all went as a team and they were all really proud of one another.

“It’s so energetic and a fun way to do sport. I’ve noticed everyone’s confidence is building and their friendship is great.”

The next competition is in May in Birmingham and recent funding from the PDCC will go towards some professional training for the children.