‘Slow Down!’ - Lollipop lady’s plea to drivers

Portlethen Primary's lollipop lady, Pamela Gartshore
Portlethen Primary's lollipop lady, Pamela Gartshore

Portlethen Primary School’s ‘lollipop lady’ has issued a plea to drivers asking them to take more care while driving in the vicinity of the school.

Since starting the job in January, Pamela Gartshore (35), has been subjected to several ‘road rage’ incidents, with one driver actually mounting a kerb in an attempt to get round her while she was helping schoolchildren to cross the road.

In another incident just last week, a driver shouted at her and behaved aggressively while she was carrying out her duties.

She said: “A lot of drivers don’t adhere to the 20mph speed limit outside the school, there is a real issue with the volume of traffic and the speed they drive.

“The children and parents are all really lovely and sweet though and I really do love the job. They are always really polite and say thank you. If anything these incidents remind me of how important it is that I’m there to help get the kids across safely. All I want to do is get the kids safely across the road.”.

The school had previously gone two and a half years without a crossing patroller, and concerns were raised for the safety of the children crossing the road outside the school.

North Kincardine Councillor Alison Evison said: “Pamela does a tremendous job helping children cross the busy road outside Portlethen Primary. It is much safer for the children with her there and she is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately a few drivers have shown impatience when using Cookston Road, although the vast majority appreciate that Pamela is making the road safer for them too.”

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