Slug Road is “accident waiting to happen”

Stonehaven and District Community Council are reaching out to the community to get their views on the safety of the Slug Road in the town.

Community council member George Strang sent out a request for information through Stoneyvoice, the town’s electronic newsletter, asking for residents opinions on the safety aspects of the Slug Road at the Evan Street junction.

Mr Strang said it was his belief that the current situation ws ‘‘an accident waiting to happen,’’ adding: “I am still of the belief that with the present layout of yellow lines there is a strong possibility of an accident - especially in periods of severe inclement weather.”

There was a big response to the plea for information about the Slug Road safety and overwhelmingly the opinion was that improvements had to be made.

The Leader asked for a response on social media and, once again, it was overwhelmingly that residents were worried about safety, with many suggesting double yellow lines being a solution.

One resident said: “It needs to have double yellow lines on both sides I have had many near misses at the junction because people park on both sides and it makes the road very narrow.”

Another added: “It’s not a safe junction. I witnessed a nasty accident there between a car and a motorcycle.”

However another felt that it was not the junction but drivers who were the problem: “Accidents happen at junctions all the time - it can only be classed as unsafe if it is an accident hotspot - which it is not. The majority of accidents are as a result of driver error - that, I would say, does not determine whether a junction is safe or not.”

One resident contacted the Leader to tell us of another concern he had on the Slug Road - its condition at Redcloak at the round about. He described the road surface as an “absolute disgrace” and said that he had contacted the council about it more than a year ago and nothing had been done.

Aberdeenshire Council have said that, owing to accident statistics, the Slug Road- Evan Street junction is not a concern however the issue of the road surface is something they are going to fix.

Aberdeenshire Council’s head of roads and landscape services, Philip McKay, said: “The council consulted on proposals to extend yellow lines at this location during the last traffic review in Stonehaven and these were overwhelmingly rejected by the majority of residents.

“In addition, the accident statistics do not give cause for concern and we have no plans to revisit this issue in the near future.

“I can confirm that the roundabout will be repaired this summer, with work expected to be complete by the end of August.”

Stonehaven and District Community Council are set to further discuss their concerns about safety on the Slug road at their meeting on Tuesday, June 11.