Smith motion on delivery charges

Sir Robert Smith, MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine maintained pressure on online and mail order companies who charge consumers in remote and rural excessive delivery charges. He recently tabled a motion in the House of Commons supporting Citizen Advice Scotland’s campaign to end the unfair practice.

Sir Robert was joined by fellow Liberal Democrat MPs, Malcolm Bruce, John Thurso, Charles Kennedy and Alan Reid.

Sir Robert went on to request that consumers who have experience of excessive delivery charges should take part in the Citizens Advice Scotland survey which runs until January 19. The survey can be found online at:

Sir Robert said this is a growing problem for the North East. He called on companies to consider offering delivery by Royal Mail when this is a cheaper alternative.

“Royal Mail offers same price delivery across the UK. When a company’s chosen courier is charging extra to deliver to parts of the country like the North East and Highlands, the company should consider whether sending the package with Royal Mail is cheaper.”

A recent Citizen Advice Scotland report revealed the extent of excessive charging. Due to increasing numbers of people contacting them, they are extending their survey into the practice until January 19 and want as many consumers as possible to contact them with examples of bad practice.