So what do the friends do?

This is the question so many people ask when they hear about the Friends of Stonehaven Open Air Swimming Pool. The short answer is that the Friends work to maintain, enhance and promote the Pool, while their partners, Aberdeenshire Council, own, operate and staff the unique facility.

The more interesting answer is to come along to Stonehaven Community Centre on Wednesday, December 2 at 7.30pm to attend the Friends’ AGM. The organisation is a charity (SCIO) so inevitably part of the meeting is formal, but so much more will be happening, including information about what the Friends have achieved over the past year. New Friends are always welcome and the meeting is open to everyone who has an interest in the Pool.

“It never ceases to amaze us,” said David Culshaw, Vice Chair of the Friends, “that so many people in Aberdeenshire and even in Stonehaven itself are unaware that the town has this amazing facility. It attracts around 30,000 visitors during its 13-week season from late May to early September and really is unique – the UK’s only open air, heated, seawater, Olympic-size, Art Déco Pool. In fact many people south of the border know more about it than some Stonehaven folk and so we really do welcome new local interest, whether from people who swim in it or from those who aren’t aware of it.”