Society’s 25th season

STONEHAVEN Heritage Society are completing plans for the Autumn and Winter season of talks for their members. The Society was founded in 1987 by local solicitor, Gordon Ritchie and as the Society will therefore celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2012, 2011-12 is its 25th season.

Over the years the Society has flourished and now has nearly 300 members, both local, throughout the UK and the world, all with a keen interest in preserving the history and heritage of Stonehaven and District.

Over the years, the Society have had very many fine speakers on matters of local and Scottish interest, and in the forthcoming season, they will have speakers on family history and genealogy, the Father of the Bard, Robert Burns and Sea Dog Bamse, the World War 11 canine associated with the port of Montrose.

Another major work of the Society at the present time is developing the extensive photographic archive of Stonehaven which involves digisising hundreds of old photographs and documents relating to the town.

Society Secretary Gordon Ritchie said: “Since the Scoiety was formed, we have been collecting old photographs, including a large collection of postcards, which date from 1900 to 1930 from the collection of the late Jack Airth but also photographs right through the 20th Century. I think I have now seen most old photographs of Stonehaven, but I am always delighted if any hidden photographs come to light.”

The Society’s first meeting is on Wednesday, September 28 at 7.30pm in St Brisget’s Hall. The speaker is Mrs Betty Taylor of Stonehaven, who will talk on family history and researching your family tree.

With the BBC series “Who Do You Think You Are” telling the family history of well known personalities, this is an ideal time to learn more about researching your own family.