‘Something needs to be done to improve safety’

Maureen Watt, Michael Morgan and Paul Melling
Maureen Watt, Michael Morgan and Paul Melling

A local MSP has reiterated the call for improvements to a stretch of the A90 road, after meeting with transport chiefs.

SNP Aberdeen South and North Kincardine MSP Maureen Watt this week met with Transport Scotland to discuss safety concerns regarding the A90 between Newtonhill and Aberdeen.

At the meeting, Ms Watt presented a number of concerns and ideas raised with her by both the family of Greg Mitchell - who lost his life in a collision on August 14 - and by members of Portlethen and District, and Newtonhill Muchalls and Cammachmore Community Council’s, with whom she met on Monday of last week.

Transport Scotland took on board the issues which were raised and have promised to return to Ms Watt with a complete body of answers in due course.

Following the meeting, Ms Watt added: “The incident which occurred on August 14 was a terrible tragedy and, speaking with the family of the deceased, reaffirmed my belief that something needs to be done to improve safety on this stretch of road.

“Both community councils have been forthcoming with their ideas for what action they believe can and should be taken, and I was pleased to raise both these and other suggestions with Transport Scotland.

Ms Watt added: “The meeting was productive, and I now look forward to hearing from Transport Scotland on how best they feel this matter can be taken forward”.