Spotlight on safety for journey to School

PUPILS at Dunnottar primary sch ool last week presented their findings from their investigation into their journey to school.

Pupils on the eco-group of the Stonehaven School used digital cameras to record their journeys to school.

Pupils focused on possible hazards including pot-holes on the pavement and traffic as well as highlighting places where pedestrian crossings would make the journey safer.

The group also highlighted the positives on their journey to school, including traffic lights and kerbs which had been lowered to allow safe crossing of the road. This information was then used to create a giant map which was used to draw up suggestions for road improvements and the creation of cycle paths.

These idea have been passed on by the pupils to Aberdeenshire Council.

Aberdeenshire Council is now using the plan in an attempt to encourage youngsters to travel to school without the car. It aims to get youngsters to travel more actively to School and allows them to do so on a safe route.

The local authority praised the plans and welcomed pupils initiative and enthusiasm.

The plans were presented to parents last week as part of the School’s open day.