St Cyrus Flower show

There was plenty on display at St Cyrus Flower Show as residents showed off the fruits of their labour.

Despite the rain, the community of St Cyrus turned out to for the annual event on Sunday .

Kathleen Masson, secretary, said: “Entries this year were good despite the weather beforehand.

“Judges were impressed with the standard of the exhibits and we were very pleased to have some new entrants and a colourful display of children’s school work.

“The Deputy Lieutenant of Kincardineshire and Mrs Orr very kindly opened the show and presented the prizes.”


Best Overall Garden: 1, Mrs M Hadden; 2, Mr & Mrs R Smith.

Best Flower Garden: 1, Mr & Mrs I Hourston; 2, Mr J Carnie

Best Vegetable Garden: 1, Mr & Mrs R Smith; 2, Mr & Mrs J Sparrow.

Best Container/Hanging Basket: 1, Mrs M Slessor; 2, Mr & Mrs I Hourston.

Water Feature: 1, Mr & Mrs J Masson; 2, Mrs G McDonald.

Best Kept Garden: 1, Mr & Mrs A Wood; 2, Mrs K Hubbard.

Best Wildlife Garden: 1, St Cyrus School Nursery; 2, Mrs K Masson

Loreli Cup Children’s Section P1-P2: 1, Eilidh Wilson; 2, Blair Moir.

Davidson Cup Children’s Section P3-P4: 1, Ewan Mackie.

Herd Cup Children’s Section P5-P6: 1, Carla Dewars; 2, Emily Beveridge; 3, Caitlin Stewart.

Finella Cup Childrens Section P7-S1: 1, Jaime Dima; 2, Scott Fairlie; 3, Finella Forsyth-Grant.

Craighill Cup P1-P4: 1, Fraser Skene.

Jonwen Cup P5-S1: 1, Arran Skene.

Cameron Cup Veg Section: 1, Mr J Forsyth; 2, Mr R Smith; 3, Mr K Herd.

Smith Shield Cut Flowers: 1, Mrs I Smith; 2, Mrs K Hourston; 3, Mrs M Hadden.

Thomson Cup Fruit: 1, Mr B Howatson; 2, equal, Mrs I Smith & Mrs K Masson.

Body & Face Place Pot Plant: 1, Mrs K Hourston; 2, Mrs I Smith; 3, Mr I Henderson.

Smith Salver Floral Art: 1, equal, Mrs K Masson & Mrs S Skene.

Thomson Shield Industrial: 1, Mrs A Coutts; 2, Mrs R Keith; 3, Mrs I Herd.

Keith Cup Baking: 1, Mrs M Hadden; 2, Mr R Adam; 3, Mrs R Colville.

Davidson Shield Preserves: 1, Mrs H Keith; 2, Mrs M Hadden.

Lauriston Salver Moist Points Roses: 1, Mrs K Hourston; 2, Mrs I Smith.

Betty Winslow Cup Most Points Marigolds: 1, Mrs I Smith; 2, Mr I Henderson; 3, Mrs M Hadden.

George Winslow Cup Most Points Carnations: 1, Mrs E Thomson; 2, Mrs W Sparrow.

John Hadden Memorial Trophy Most Points Geranium/Fuchsia/Pelergonium: 1, Mr I Henderson; 2, Mrs I Smith.

Webster Memorial Trophy (most points Begonias): 1, Mrs I Smith; 2, Mr I Henderson.

Revivals Cup Most Points Peas & Beans: 1, Mr A Ferguson; 2, Mr J Sparrow;

McNicoll Cup Most Point Dahlias: 1, Mrs I Smith; 2, Mr S Davidson.

Cowie Memorial Trophy (most point potatoes): 1, Mr R Smith; 2, equal, Mr J Forsyth & Mr K Herd.

Singleton Salver Senior Citizens Entry: 1, Mrs M Slessor.

Community Council Rosebowl (most points overall): 1, Mrs I Smith; 2, Mrs M Hadden; 3, Mrs K Hourston.