Standing in the region list

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With less than four weeks to go to the Scottish Elections political parties in the North East of Scotland are vying for your vote in the regional contest.

Under the Additional Member System (AMS) used to elect MSPs, voters receive two ballot papers for their constituency vote and regional vote.

In the regional vote, parties have selected their candidates who they would have represent the wider North East of Scotland region.

There are 12 parties who are fielding candidates in the regional vote. There are eight regions across Scotland that will each elect seven MSPs electing a total of 56 MSPs under the regional list.

Last election SNP received one seat, Labour three and Conservative two and Liberal Democrats one. Standing in the regional list are:

Communist Party of Britain - Raymond Mennie.

RISE - Connon Dylan Beaton, Hanne-Lisbeth Paterson, Martyn Lewis Smith, Sean Paul O’Connor.

Scottish Christian Party - Tom Morrow, Norman Alexander Ogston.

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party - Alex Johnstone, Alexander Burnett, Ross Thomson, Peter Chapman, Liam Kerr, Bill Bowman, Nicola Ross, Colin Clark, Kirstene Hair, Tom Mason.

Scottish Green Party - Maggie Chapman, Dan Yeats, Morag Hannah, David Officer, Anne Mansfield, Morgan Petrie.

Scottish Labour Party - Jenny Marra, Lewis MacDonald, Lesley Brennan, Richard McCready, Sarah Duncan, Willie Young, Alison Evison, Nathan Morrison, Joanne McFadden, John Ruddy.

Scottish Liberal Democrats - Mike Rumbles, Alison McInnes, Sheila Thomson, Scott Martin Rennie, Craig Robertson Duncan, Euan Robert Davidson, David Ronald Evans.

Scottish Libertarian Party - Derek Graham Scott.

Scottish National Front - Dave MacDonald

Scottish National Party - Christian Allard, Fergus Mutch, Vari McDonald, Kevin Stewart, Nigel Don, Nadia El-Nakla, Maureen Watt, Mark McDonald, Bill Duff, Bryan Stuart, Gill Samarai, Donald Morrison.

Solidarity - James Edmund Rodgerson Irving-Lewis, Darren Thomas Ferguson, Brett Matthew Harper, Gareth Desmond Norman, Isobel Alvey.

UK Independence Party - Calum David Alexander Walker, Emily Ruth Santos, John William Stephen.