Steps closed for safety

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Access to the Haughs pitches in Inverbervie has been affected by the closure of the steps which grant pedestrian access to the grounds. Following safety concerns about the steps Aberdeenshire Council have taken the decision to close them until a solution is found.

Issues with the access to the pitch were highlighted by local mum Carrol Evans who contacted the Leader concerning safety issues with access to the pitches she explained that other than the steps there is only one way to access the pitches and that is a single track road.

She said: “I raised the issue as the road access is a single track road, up a hill, which in turn raised road safety issues, between 50-70 children use the football skills training on a Saturday, and that’s not including the Bervie Youth and Adult teams and opposition teams all on this single track road. The traffic by car, bike and foot is becoming increasingly treacherous and a solution needs to be found within the Council.”

Local Councillor, George Carr explained that this is an issue which has been ongoing for some time and that the previous Inverbervie Community Council, prior to it being disbanded and reformed, had been looking at ways of getting the steps repaired.

He said: “It’s a problem that I flagged up quite some time ago and with the Community Council looked at getting the steps repaired. I think there are some technical difficulties with getting access to the steps but this is a route which residents and the community council would like to see restored. The Community Council are back in business this month so it will be discussed there.

“We can look at what we are going to do and investigate different ways and how it can be funded.”

Until a solution can be found the steps at the Haughs will remain closed.

Head of Roads and Landscape Services, Philip McKay, said: “The steps leading to The Haughs football pitch in Inverbervie have been closed to the public for safety reasons. “The steps will remain closed off until repairs can be made, or an alternative access route can be formed.”