Stonehaven author’s book goes on sale locally

Regina Erich's book
Regina Erich's book

A book written by a Stonehaven author is now available to buy in shops throughout the town.

Regina Erich has written the short story “Edna & Isobel’s Graveyard Conversations” , which is set locally and focuses on widows Edna and Isobel, following a narrative of their daily conversations.

As dutiful wives the two ladies have spent a lifetime looking after their not always so dutiful husbands. Now they have swapped the garden hoe for the hoover in order to keep their late hubbies’ graves clean and tidy.

While they weed and water they share their views on past experiences and present life which, as they discover, can still be enjoyed and might even bring the odd surprise.

“Edna & Isobel’s Graveyard Conversations” is now available at The Rose Bowl Flower Shop, E. Giullianottis, and the

Tolbooth Museum in Stonehaven.