Stonehaven flood action plan agreed

AN action plan for tackling flooding in Stonehaven ws this week approved by councillors at the Kincardine and Mearns area committee.

They were presented with a report on Tuesday which detailed plans for tackling the issue of flooding in the town and laid out timings for dealing with the issue.

The plan was created by the local authority and the Stonehaven Flood Action Group, who have met on a number of occasions, and these meetings resulted in the development of an Action Plan.

The plan lays out a timescale for meeting a number of aims for tackling flooding in the town, including the development of permanent, effective defences and to ensure the community has well rehearsed flood resilience plans.

The various aims have a timescale with them however councillors were warned the plan is in its early stages and, while the council will try to stick to the timings, this cannot be guaranteed. A report on progress will be made to the area committee on a quarterly basis.

Councillors welcomed the plan and also co-operation between the council and the Flood Action Group.

Councillor Dave Stewart - whose ward includes Fettercairn, where flood defences failed to contain the water in December last year- expressed his concerns that even once a scheme is put in place, Stonehaven will still flood.

He added: “From my experience down our neck of the woods, if the council spend millions of pounds in Stonehaven can they guarantee it won’t be flooded again?”

Head of roads and landscape services, Philip McKay, explained that they would never guarantee that there wouldn’t be another flood.

He said: “We will not give any guarantee that a flood prevention scheme will prevent future flooding it is designed to reduce the risk.”

He explained that the scheme would reduce risk to a one in 200-year event.